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The nature of THE PLACE

  • Set in the high altitude of the Cascades amongst other small 2nd homes along the Salmon River near Welches, surrounded by forests and mountains.

  • Project was an addition to an existing 2nd residence.




  • A 2nd home for a couple and their immediate family’s use.

  • Inspiration: “dogtrot” design = breezeway design.

  • Needed to expand the existing home.

  • The addition needed to include a main bedroom and private bathroom + a new entry area for the house.

  • The house had the ability to be seen better from the street.

  • Create better privacy from other neighbors when driving up.

  • Also give the entire structure a new relevant feel that responds to its location along the river / forest.

  • Add a new 2-car garage large enough for crafts.


  • Rerouting the existing driveway was redirected thru the trees to eventually arrive at courtyard that accesses the new main entry and new garage.

  • The “dogtrot” design was created with the new 2nd wing bedroom addition linked together with the new main entryway.

  • The dogtrot design also created a new interior courtyard area on the river side that allows the family more privacy between adjacent properties.

  • The new design connects new and existing courtyard deck areas.

  • The new bedroom’s view is directly oriented towards the river.



We were remodeling a vintage cabin in Welches, OR that is located on a challenging site along the Salmon River.  This involved special permits, etc.  As we are snowbirds, much of the work was done while we were gone.  We needed an innovative architect but also someone was savy to sustainable construction and project management skills.


Dan was highly rated and our interview with him seemed to confirm that he was creative, relatable and knowledgeable.  All of those qualities have been borne out in our construction experience.  Not only did he listen carefully and create a design that reflected our unique needs, he also provided expertise about the latest building strategies that were available to us and to our general contractor.  Part of the package that Dan provided was onsite project oversite.  This was invaluable to us as we were physically removed from the worksite.  

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