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Departure Architecture focuses on designing custom homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that integrate beautiful, unique designs with sustainable processes. We conscientiously take your themes and images and formulate plans and concepts that accurately depict your vision of an ideal home yet tailored to fit the aesthetics of your surroundings.

living room modern spacious floor plan with wood floors

With today’s technologies and systems, this process requires an integrated design process that involves the owner, architect, and a qualified general contractor. This team is formed early in the design phases so that the design can be evaluated with the costs. The results we seek need careful design coordination throughout the entire process with “better built” building science woven into beautiful custom designs.



Dan’s unique blend of expertise, vision, and professionalism allows him to design custom homes, renovations, and ADUs that are practical and inspiring, sustainable and approachable, energetic and energy efficient. Starting with the site opportunities, developing a plan starts with a thorough initial construction budgeting process to ensure that your home meets your financial and functionality needs. Working from the early stages and throughout the project, Departure utilizes 3-D modeling that lets you accurately visualize your home throughout the entire design process.



Our changing world requires evolving design solutions. Dan builds homes that grow with you and account for how your needs change over the years. He also recognizes the growing demand for multi-generational dwellings and is conscious of your desire to maintain independence and comfort, allowing you to remain in your home for many years to come.


Where needed, he pays special attention to designing safe and accessible homes that adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, including open floor plans with few obstructions, no-step entries, wider doorways, lever-style door handles, and other elements to achieve this goal. 



You probably spend more than one-third of your life at home — sleeping, watching TV, eating meals with family and friends — and you want your home to be comfortable and reflect your needs and goals while creating a profound sense of place. It requires distilling your lifestyle and personality to produce innovative, thoughtful architecture and functional designs that flow from room to room. Dan offers accessible solutions with an individualized flair, creating meaningful and conscientiously curated modern spaces that work for how you live your life.





As your architect, Dan’s commitment to realizing your dream home involves more than just designing blueprints. It requires taking a hands-on approach to ensuring your new home meets all jurisdictional and zoning requirements, ordinances, and building codes. It involves obtaining the necessary permits in a timely manner to avoid unexpected construction delays. 


It also means bringing his extensive experience overseeing large commercial projects for national architectural firms to the forefront. Finally, it takes collaborating and coordinating with the contractor to ensure construction processes are commensurate with the design intent, drawings, and specifications, while also following best sustainable building practices that live up to our intent of providing eco-friendly home building solutions.


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"From the initial conceptualization phase through to the housewarming party, let’s work together to build something that goes beyond your wildest dreams yet remains quintessentially you."

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