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The nature of THE PLACE

  • High altitude ski lodge.  Ski in, ski out.

  • Common to have 10 ft of snow all winter.

  • In the original town section of Government Camp, OR. From an original structure when they constructed Mt. Hood Lodge.

  • Existing house located very close to dense forest – tight fit.

  • Existing small structure that would need a full gut + substantial addition.

  • A view of ski slopes in both directions – capitalize with windows.




  • A couple who’s later-in-life marriage merged 2 families together. This ski house's intent was to bring the 2 families together during the winter and summer seasons.

  • 4 bedrooms + bunk house + 2 dormer beds + loft bedroom + main stair loft bed.

  • Open living / dining / eating space organized by a central 3-story wood/steel staircase, which creates the main circulation but also a light well for the house.

  • Goal – also to minimize overall maintenance.

  • Need a new 2-car garage in addition to the existing driveway parking.

  • Incorporate the existing sauna and hot tub into the new layout.

  • Energy efficient design for winter heating.


  • The natural beauty of “steel, including rusted steel, sticking out of the snow” was the inspiration.

  • Steel siding and roofs – low maintenance.

  • Contrasting with the exterior steel esthetic, maintain the old charm of the interior cabinetry to remain and contrast in the new modern space and finishes.

  • Steep roofs to shed snow.

  • To contrast the existing old cabinetry with new modern materials.

  • To create a warm, light filled interior with lots of glass and see the views.

  • To create an energy efficient envelope with low maintenance. 

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